Charitable Contributions / Community Involvement

Our organization understands the importance to giving back to the community and those in need. Through the years, we have taken on several partnerships with both local and national charities. Our annual golf tournament for Make A Wish is entering its 6th year and we have risen close to $100,000.00 with the help generous sponsors, local businesses, and volunteers! Listed below are the charitable events and organizations we hold close to our hearts. If you would like information on how to support or volunteer with any of the organizations, a link has been provided for each.

Make A Wish

Granting wishes to disadvantaged children is what Make A Wish has been accomplishing since 1992. We have had nothing but amazing experiences while working with this tremendous organization. The wishes we have helped sponsor truly bring a humbling and gratifying feeling to everyone involved. Providing a pathway to fulfill dreams has been nothing but remarkable. Witnessing the wishes fulfilled by children who are terminally ill or permanently disabled is beyond words. To help demonstrate the accomplishments of our partnership with Make A Wish, we have provided a link for each years sponsorship. We take great pride in the partnership with this fantastic organization and hope to provide perspective on how Make A Wish allows dreams to come true! For more information on how to get involved, you can visit

Mikeys Way

Mikey Friedman was a young boy afflicted by cancer, but beyond that a great visionary and inspiration. He left his mark by establishing a charity to benefit children with life threatening illnesses. Mikey saw opportunity where others would simply have given up. His goal was to provide a better life for children coping with the isolation and fear caused by the debilitating side effects that are ever-present in their treatments. While Mikey is no longer with us, his spirit is alive and well. For more information on Mikeys Way, please visit We will continue to help pursue the goals Mikey set forth for years to come. In 2013 we teamed with The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, raising $5,000 to provide IPADS and Nintendo DSs for many of the children afflicted. We have also posted a few photos to preview the great work Mikeys Way accomplishes.

Lockport Youth & Recreation Department

Within our community, we have sponsored activities and projects for disadvantaged children. Raising monies for the youth and recreation department, we have bolstered the upkeep of local parks and helped fund recreational activities including summer camps and various field trips. This organizations goal is to provide a safe environment and rich experiences for kids who may not otherwise be afforded the opportunities. Through these activities, underprivileged youth are able to build solid relationships and learn core values that will enable them to become productive participants in the community.